About Discovery Home Inspections

We are Michael Covell and  Lee Browning Jr., real estate developers and investors for over 30 years. With backgrounds including residential, restaurant, and hospitality businesses, we have gained a level of experience that is likely to be unparalleled in the home inspection industry. There are many great home inspectors, and certainly many that will work for less money, but our belief is that when a buyer is seeking the highest level of experience coupled with a deal maker's sensibility, there is no inspection company capable of providing a comparable level of service. We have sat exactly where the home buyer is sitting now, many times, concerned about the quality of the home or building that we are looking to purchase, the emotional impacts on our families or businesses, anxious and uncertain about what we might be missing.

We won't see everything, no one can, but we are likely to see what few others will. 

Ultimately, our thought process is simple- 'what would we tell a family member if they were considering this home?'

The answer is the same answer that we provide to clients about their future home.